Our Services

Risk Management Training


We bring together small groups for paid lecture, focusing on some particular subject, in which everyone present is stirred up to actively participate.
Our Instructors prepare the concepts and techniques they will present and discuss through a combination of visual materials, interactive tools, equipment, and demonstrations.
We offer some take home material for the participants that relate to the lecture.


Our workshops include all the elements of our Seminars, but with the greater portion laying emphasis on "do-it-yourself " approach.
Our workshops are designed to reinforce, imprint and bring to the fore an immediate functioning dimension to the participant's eye and hands by practicing and implementing the actual concept or technique that was taught through the lecture and demonstration.

Enterprise Risk Management(ERM) Framework Design

Through series of components that consolidate into the risk management policy, our ERM framework design delivers: required documentations
strategy integration
day-to-day decision making embedding

ERM Automation

We support organizations to make the switch from manual to automated risk register. Our partnership with leading GRC solution delivers automation with a low cost.

Risk Management processes outsourcing management

We undertake off-site risk management processes for clients that consider full scale risk management functions to be uneconomical or operationally infeasible.

Risk Management Advisory

We offer advisory for: ERM audit (gap analysis),
Culture change management
Integrating ERM with strategy
ntegrating ERM with decision making processes of the organization.