About SNA Consulting

Welcome to SNA Consulting

SNA Consulting was established in 2015 with passion to support organizations to achieve their objectives, be they for-profit or not-for-profit. We therefore aspire to aid organizations to drive downside zero tolerance. Deploying the science of enterprise risk management, we design and embed frameworks with a fit-to-size approach. This builds resilience, going-concern and operational efficiency for organizations.

SNA Consulting anchors strongly on integrating risk management with strategy. Accordingly, its framework deployment approach aspires to integrated risk management with the decision making process of the organization. Key to our success is professionalism and integrity.

At SNA Consulting, every ERM deployment programme takes a project approach. We follow best practice project management rules. Our projects adopt Finish-to-Start dependency. Framework design finishes before its deployment starts, the same way land is acquired before a building is erected. In a similar vein, Start-to-Start dependency allows objectives setting culture to start before risk identification is started. Finish-to-Finish dependency allows risk to be assessed and charged before economic capital and solvency measurements can finish. Culture change is very vital to deploying ERM. This is managed with Start-to-Finish dependency. The culture that ERM switches starts before the legacy culture can finish or be out ruled.